Saturday, December 11, 2021

Logic Analyzer VID 0925 PID 3881 Windows 10 driver installation

  1. Open this page:
  2. Download "Windows 64 bit (no installer)" package.
  3. Extract "Drivers" directory to any location on your hard drive.
  4. Connect Logic Analyzer device with USB cable.
  5. Press "Win+X" and select "Device Manager" item.
  6. Under "Other devices" folder find "Unknown device".
  7. Right-click, select "Properties" and verify that "Device instance path" is "USB\VID_0925&PID_3881\..."
  8. Close "Properties" dialog.
  9. Right-click and select "Update driver".
  10. Select "Browse my computer for drivers".
  11. Click "Browse" button and choose the "Drivers" directory you created at step 3.
  12. Click "OK" button.
  13. Click "Install" buton in confirmation dialog taht will pop up.
  14. Close confirmation window.

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