Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to download FxCop 10.0

Here are easy instructions on how to get the FxCop 10.0 standalone installer.
  1. You need a file archiver that can extract files from ISO and CAB archives. If you don't have one, download freeware 7-Zip.
  2. Download ISO image of "Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4" version 7.1 from Microsoft Download Center page. Select the ISO file to download based upon your CPU architecture (x86, x64 or Itanium).
  3. Open ISO file with 7-Zip and extract the Setup\WinSDKNetFxTools\ file.
  4. Open with 7-Zip and extract the WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe_all_enu_1B2F0812_3E8B_426F_95DE_4655AE4DA6C6 file.
  5. Rename it to WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe. This file is the FxCop 10.0 standalone installer.
You can perform steps 3-5 with the following simple .bat file:
set iso=GRMSDK_EN_DVD.iso
set unzip="%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe"

%unzip% e %iso% Setup\WinSDKNetFxTools\%cab%

%unzip% e -r %cab% WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe*

ren WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe* WinSDK_FxCopSetup.exe

Change first line accordingly if your CPU architecture is not x86.


  1. Thanks for your very good instructions, I was able to extract and install FxCop from the 64-bit ISO of the Windows SDK for Windows 7, on a Windows 8 machine.

    I wonder why Microsoft makes it so difficult to install FxCop, it would be in their best interest to help developers make better software...

  2. Or you can download it from CodePlex:

  3. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions, before I started to work with archives,

    I had to understand in more detail how to open 7z files without loss of information (the previous archive downloaded 87% and stopped so strange thing)

    In the end, I didn`t find anything better than using the universal file viewer and the .bat extension I also opened with it. Pretty handy tool, especially when working with a bunch of extensions every day.